On October 15, 1957 a group of businessmen and citizens met for the purpose of organizing the Summersville Area Chamber of Commerce.  
For the past 50 plus years, the organization has remained a vibrant and important part of the community of Summersville.

The purpose of the Chamber is for the advancement of civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural interests of the City of Summersville and surrounding territory.  The Chamber has worked on issues of community interest and provided business leadership for the improvement of economic development, education and healthcare.

The Chamber is not a social club. The mission of the Summersville Area Chamber of Commerce is very clear:  To advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Summersville area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper.  All necessary means of promotion shall be provided and particular attention and emphasis shall be given to the economic, civil, commercial, industrial, and educational interest of the area.


What Is A Chamber of Commerce?

  •     A Chamber of Commerce is an alliance of business, industrial and professional firms as well as interested individuals working together 
        to enhance the economic and socioeconomic welfare of a community.

  •     It is a non-profit organization of voluntary membership that is committed to the advancement of economic development, community 
        leadership, healthcare and education in a community.

  •     It is a channel that unites and directs businesses and individuals to accomplish common goals.

  •     A sound organization, uniting to work as one force.

  •     Responsible leadership, working to improve community economy and the quality of life.

What If There Was No Chamber?

  •     There would be no office to respond to the inquiries about your community and its opportunities.

  •     There would be no information-gathering center with which to inform the business community and advise it of current events 
        affecting them.

  •     There would be no collective force to make known the physical needs of the community such as improved roads, utilities, facilities,
    ​    safety, and other items.

  •     There would be no business forum to exchange views and positions, and no voice to express those to other agencies.

  •     There would be no focal point for the gathering of the business community to exchange ideas and services.

  •     There would be no political voice to keep our elected representatives aware of the community feelings on legislative action and needs.